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​       The church at Campbell meets to worship God every first day of the week as the scriptures command us and the early church gives us an example to do (Acts 2:42-47; 1 Corinthians 11:20&21, 33&34, 16:1&2; Acts 20:6&7, 21:1-4, 28:14). During this time we worship in every way the Bible commands we do on the first day of every week (sing, pray, teach/learn, give, take the Lord's Supper, & have fellowship). We, as is the practice of many, meet additionally on Sunday and again on Wednesday to have more time to devote in worship to God striving to live up to the "day by day" in Acts 2:42-47.
      The church in Campbell is active in various ministries and is always trying to find more ways we can serve God. We try to employ our resources to the best of our abilities to service the city of Campbell first, the surrounding areas second, and the world abroad third. In all this service we render it not as unto man but as serving Christ Himself in the way He would have us to. (Ephesians 6:7)
       The church at Campbell conducts Bible studies with those who so desire in order to help them grow spiritually and to help others to come to a knowledge of the truth. We study with Christians, Theists, Deists, Atheists, Monotheists, Polytheists, and anyone else desiring to talk about our God and the Bible. We strive to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15). We not only do in home and on site Bible studies, but we offer Bible correspondence courses by mail and guides that can help you study the Bible yourself and let the Bible speak for itself. we have several long term studies that are also going on including one every Mon-Fri from 7-8AM with area Denominations.
          The nursing home is campbell, General Baptist Nursing Home, is a place that we try to frequent. Not only is there several of our number that are living in this home, but there are many others who believe in Jesus and God that we try to minister to as well. We hold worship services on a last minute request when any of the Denominations in or out of town cancel. Apart from doing that as a favor for the planner we also hold services on Sunday afternoon from time to time. Another big part of our ministry at the nursing home is something that we just started at the beginning of the 2012 Summer. Every Tuesday at 2:00 we gather in the commons area were all the wings converge and sing for the residents until 2:45-3:00. Apart from these specefic works we try to visit resident often and have prayer with them giving words of encouragement.
          This by no means exhausts the works that the Campbell church of Christ does, but it serves as an overview of those that we are involved in heaviest.

If you have any questions about our ministries or how you may be a part of these works, we encourage you to contact us so that we can be of service in the proper way.

        The church at Cample makes a practice of providing for the needs of our fellow man. Be firmly believe that Christ left an example to help all of those around us. He commanded us to clothe and feed the poor and to minister to them. Since this is a dying practice among churches, especially in our area, it has become a very sizable work for us. We are proud to help and are excited every time we can do good in the name of Jesus. It brings us even more when these efforts coupled with Bible Study win souls for the Kingdom! We help with food, clothing, and gasoline for those who are in need, and other items of necessity. We strive to be good stewards but recognize that it is a blessing to give and it is not our place to judge who our neighbor is and who we are to be good to. We are merely to do good as Jesus did. 
India- Brother Vijay Kumar Binipe
​        The church in Campbell has been involved with the work in India for over 15 years. We support full time missionaries, orphans, train preachers, training workshops, buying Bibles. In addition to the monetary and prayer support that we give to India and the work of Brother Kumar we have taken yearly trips to check on the work and provide assistance in training preachers, evangelism, and holding workshops. We are excited to be heavily involved in this mission and look forward to many more years working in India.
Children's Home
​       The church in Campbell has supported for many years Children's Homes, Inc. in Paragould, Arkansas. Children's Homes, Inc. is a faith-based organization that provides therapeutic care for children and families in need through family-style residential care, foster care, and adoptive services. Children's Homes, Inc., of Paragould (CHI) began in 1955, with the care of four children. It was established to provide a Christian home for children whose parents cannot care for them because of death, separation, abandonment, illness or some other reason. The agency was begun as a part of the benevolent work of the Seventh and Mueller Church of Christ in Paragould. This agency is now being helped by many congregations and many individuals. Since it's founding, over 2,200 children have received substitute family care. Children receive care in private foster homes, residential family education homes, and adoptive homes.
Bootheel Youth Camp / Western Kentucky Youth Camp
​        The church at Campbell regularly supports the Bootheel Youth Camp in Bloomfield, MO. We support it both monetarily, and with service. We work with them during the weeks of camp as well as participating during their work days and benefit days. We are proud to be a part of works such as this that are helping our young people grow spiritually. We also are working with the Western Kentucky Youth Camp in Marion, Kentucky. This work is supported through the work that some of our number do there every year. There are some children in the area that attend both camps during the summer! We look forward every summer to growing closer to God and helping children to do that as well.